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INFP, Neutral Good, and an omnivore frequently masquerading as an herbivore.

Things which are an absolute delight unto the very cockles of my heart include cat paws, baking bread, naps, bicycles, things with owls, tall tales and fairy-tales, knee bruises, hedgehogs, blustery days, eating bowls of salad as big as my head, giraffes, freckles, skirts & sweaters, the sea-shore, hooping, snuggling under blankets, and big warm bowls of noodles and cups of tea or coffee.

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24 February 14

Watching PGSM

Taking selfies

Eating olives and cheddar

This is my day today

  1. frankbannister said: I’ve seen dozens of selfies on my dash today and yesterday and most are probably for the same reason. I love it ^・ω・^
  2. froth said: you opened the curtains again
  3. dinosaurjam posted this
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