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Things which are an absolute delight unto the very cockles of my heart include apple orchards on windy days, baking bread, cat paws, naps, bicycles, things with owls, tall tales and fairy-tales, knee bruises, hedgehogs, blustery days, eating bowls of salad as big as my head, giraffes, freckles, skirts and sweaters, the sea-shore, snuggling up under a bunch of blankets, hooping, spending afternoons in libraries, and big warm bowls of noodles and cups of tea or coffee.

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27 May 12







“Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens and “Clocks” by Coldplay played over each other. 


#it sounds like an angel surfing down a rainbow on a unicorn made of happiness and cake and shit

I usually trim out the excessive commentary/gifs/etc. but I feel they’re appropriate this time.

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